Here’s How To Get PDR Clients, Personal Consulting and All The Marketing You’ll Need To Make It Work!

If you’re reading this, you probably need (or want) more clients for your PDR business! It can be frustrating that every single car on the road has dents and dings but you have gaps in your repair schedule. Or maybe there are no gaps and you are working yourself crazy and there is no reward at the end of the day, month or year.

Dave Streen, Gene Fetty, and our team have the answers!

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Your website is the number one place for people to find you and call you to repair their dents! If you need a dent repair website, or have been thinking about replacing your current website, you are in the right place!

When you get a website from Get PDR Clients you will have a site that looks like this site ( and is designed to get you PDR leads right in your local area. It also includes exclusive access to the I Love Dents marketing and coaching system. All this takes just a few weeks for our team to build and requires very little input from you!

Here’s What Else You Can Get With Your PDR Money Making Website:

  • FREE Internet Hosting
  • FREE I ♥︎ DENTS Account
  • FREE e-mail address with your

When your site is live, you’ll have a simple system that will generate new leads for your automotive dent repair business.

That’s the ONLY purpose of this site.

This site isn’t about you, your company or your brand. In fact, there will be very little mention of anything except the stuff your target client cares about.

The goal is to develop a website that isn’t a screaming sales pitch. We want it to seem as if it’s the official automotive dent repair information site for your local community.

This new website doesn’t have to match the brand or “look” of your other marketing materials. It does not need to reflect your “personal style” or preferences and that makes it much faster to build and more effective for lead generation. This site is a completely customer centered Direct Response website.

A website is an investment like any form of advertising or marketing. It is a way to spend some money in order to make more money in return. Without the training and the knowledge of how to make it work, you’ll be spinning your wheels. Image having great business cards and just putting them in your desk drawer.

So, here’s exactly what’s going to happen over the 90-days we work together to set up your website system…and get it making you money!

Step 1:
We Work Together To Get All The Information We Need To:

We select a GREAT domain name

Get all of the content we need to make your site unique to you.

Set up the social media and technology you need to makeyour online presence shine.

Step 2:
We Set Up And Customize Your Website For You:

Your site will be ready for you in just a few weeks or so.
You don’t need to know anything at all about designing or building websites! You don’t have to write any of the words or marketing. We handle everything for you!

Step 3:
Presenting and explaining your new website to you.

When your site is ready we will walk you through everything you need to know to use and add content to your site.
We will show you everything and with the coaching you receive you’ll be able to add all sorts of great content to make your site even better! We make it very easy.

Step 4:
Making your site work!

Once your site is built we will help you make the phone start ringing. Getting your site in front of potential clients is our number 1 priority. Online ads and great content will have your phone ringing in no time.

Step 5:
Coaching and Hand-holding Until You’re Making Money

Most website designers are only concerned with how your site looks, (or looks in their portfolio). Your Get PDR Clients site is made to make your phone ring. Your site should be driving clients to you in 30 to 90 days. During that period (longer if you choose) you will be working with an I Love Dents coach to learn the ins and outs of marketing your PDR company. Our number one goal is to help you make money! Your website is your virtual real estate and you need to build and grow it as much as you can, we are here to help you!


Step 6:
Mastermind Coaching and Brainstorming Calls!

The Get PDR Clients websites and marketing system was developed by some of the brightest marketing minds in the PDR industry in unison with some world renowned marketers. As a Get PDR Clients member you will have access to our I Love Dents mastermind calls and group coaching. You will also have exclusive rights to your local area, we will only work with one company in a local market. It’s really the best of both worlds, you get personal access to great marketing tips and techniques for yourself while making it nearly impossible for your competition to even access it.


Here’s all the details…

If you’re ready to get some pdr clients…. it’s simple!

You will fill out our get started quick form. The total cost for your website is $899 for the initial setup and only $97 a month for your hosting, coaching, mastermind calls, domain name, and your exclusive area. If you have any questions feel free to give Dave or Gene a call or better yet call Jennifer at 1-724-554-1756 and she can help walk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have.

WAIT, THERE’S A CATCH! You knew there would be:

You don’t pay a dime for your website, we pay the full setup amount for you! There is no obligation for you to stay with us (we’re pretty sure you’re going to love us, but just in case!) Your $97 a month starts once your site is built (If we didn’t charge anything everyone would want to sign on just to keep their competition from talking to us!) And your coaching starts as soon as you call Jennifer and set up your first call!

What are you waiting for?
You love dents! We love dents! Let’s talk dents and get you some more PDR Clients!

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